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We Provide High Quality Services

Industry Domains:

High Quality Service & Solutions

Today we deliver solutions to 2 continents keeping the same level of enthusiasm. Along that road and with the strong commitment to our customers and customer-centric approach a lot of companies have trusted us with digitizing operations and assuring more convenience with technology inclusion brought to the doorstep of their customers.

One of the best

We strive to be the leading global provider of innovative delivery channel solutions by exceeding customer expectations and empowering organizations of all sizes to drive operational efficiency and extend their outreach.

Customer satisfaction driving goal

Accelerate technology inclusion, financial inclusion, solve major 3rd world existential problems by creating cutting-edge technology solutions.

Our Service Keeps you Happy

Domains: Education, Mass Media, Information, Hospitality, Healthcare, Fin-Tech, Transport, Business Advertising, etc

Market Research & Analytics

We do Market research and analytics for your business to better identify how to maximize business profit by applying technology to the 'right' sectors.

Software Development

We development bespoke and tailored software solutions to solve growing business problems that stifle business growth.

Business Strategy & Branding

We do branding to help businesses standout and perform in their fields of expertise.

I.T. Solutions & Consultancy

We offer a miriad of I.T. consultancy services.

Our Service Keeps you Happy

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts

Unlocking Opportunities

We unlock the opportunities there is potential for. We help customers open new revenue streams, reach markets they have not reached before, stay competitive, transform, be the trend, see the future, be the future.

Driving Development & Innovation

Innovations are at the heart of everything we do. Innovation is what drives us, what wakes us up in the morning, what we like in our work and why we are here – the constant strive for innovation.

Discovering Business Potential

We discover potential in people and in businesses and we provide the tools to develop this potential further. We help them realize the potential they have to do new things or do things in a new way. We help our customers help their customers find potential within, believe in themselves and take their future in their own hands.

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Our Clients

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Our Staff

We take pride in our ability to work as a team and overcome challenges. Every member of our team is an expert in a field that complements other staff

Foster Kojo

CEO Founder, Technical Lead

Foster leads the overall development and execution of Boxm Solutions long term strategy.

Olivia Mawusi

CFO, Principal Investor

Olivia is the principal source of leadership to the finance section and overall support, to ensure Boxm Solutions evolution into a successful global brand.

Romeo Xornam

Chief UX, UI, Digital Designer

Romeo oversees the design processes, UI, UX and Digital solutions execution.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence because you deserve the best!


Reasons for Choosing Us

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional solutions delivered with extraordinary customer service. We are committed to understanding our client’s business and building a solution that will provide a solid foundation that solves their immediate needs and positions them for future growth as their needs evolve and become more complex. We believe that is the best people strategy for our success and the success of our clients. Service Excellence is not just a term we created to differentiate ourselves; it is our way of doing business that ensures we are different from our competitors.

  • Expedite Customer Service
  • Solutions and Projects delivered on time and guaranteed QoS
  • Overall Customer Experience Statisfaction

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